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SD Wedding Colors – Orange

After selecting your date, your venue and other big things you start to focus on the details. Most of those details will start coming together once you decide on your colors. Your color selection will depend many things. Influences may come from the season, your flowers, dress sash or your venue walls.  Use the left color as your main and the others as secondary and accent colors. Bolder colors are great for your accents while the neutrals will anchor in the feel.

For this color concept we chose to highlight orange as it seems to be a popular color this year. Orange is a vibrant color which exudes energy and warmth. It is a wonderful fall color when used in deep burnt hues and will work well for spring and summer when bright or muted. For your South Dakota Wedding you can use the Fall hues to bring in the trees, farms and barns. Pair it with gold and browns for rich elegance. If you are having a spring wedding use the muted hues to go with the blooms and bright green grass.

Orange South Dakota Wedding Colors