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The process of choosing wedding invitations can be a little overwhelming; with almost limitless options available, the first step is to determine the right style of printing for your needs. Here is a quick overview of the four most common styles of printing.

Letterpress – Developed during the 15th century, this form of printing uses metal plates pressed onto thick paper, transferring ink and leaving an indentation. This form of printing tends to be more expensive due to the cost involved in creating the plates. Use letterpress printing when creating a timeless piece that is appealing in both feel and appearance.

Thermography – Also known as raised printing, ink is mixed with a special powder, transferred to paper and then heated. Use thermography when looking for textured printing without the cost of letterpress.

Offset Printing – This three step process of printing begins with a plate, which is transferred to a rubber stamp, then rolled onto paper creating clean, sharp images and lettering. Use offset when needing consistent, high quality printing for large quantities.

Digital Printing – Similar in concept to most computer printers, digital printing is the least expensive and the most common used. Use Digital Printing when dealing with smaller quantities or a limited budget.

Any of these processes can be conformed to the style of invitation you choose. Area invitation vendors can help you create the perfect wedding ensemble for your specific type of wedding, based on your colors, theme and budget. All of the above print processes and various custom designed invitations are available locally at Envision Wedding Studio.

South Dakota Wedding Invitations

Letterpress, Thermography, Offset and Digital