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Custom Wire Hangers – SD Wedding Idea

We love these hangers by Lila Frances! What great gifts to give your bridesmaids and mothers for being a part of your beautiful South Dakota Wedding! Thank you CJ Callaway’s, a South Dakota Wedding Style Vendor in Sioux Falls, for your great suggestion!

So what could you do with these?

You could write your new married name or some of your favorite love words!
South Dakota Weddings

Write your bridesmaids names on them and have their dresses hanging on them the day of your South Dakota Wedding.
South Dakota Weddings

Hang one on your bedroom wall with the month of your wedding to remember your big day.
South Dakota Weddings

Use it for your wedding gown.
South Dakota Weddings

Hang some fancy lingerie from one with the word sexy for some fun bedroom décor. Bridesmaids, this could be a fun way to present some lingerie to the bride as a gift at her shower.

Hang some of your favorite or most memorable photos from it in your living room with the word family or friends.

The possibilities are endless!

All images from the Lila Frances etsy store.