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Smore Wedding Favors South Dakota Wedding

We envision these favors for an outdoor wedding or even the rehearsal dinner campfire evening.

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Quantity: 32                 Skill Level: Beginner

*One box of gram crackers
*4 4.4oz Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars
*One bag of Jet Puffed Stacker or other Marshmellows
*Cello bags or boxes that will fit
*Tie material: ribbon, jute, etc

Working/Cleaning Supplies:
*Hole Punch

Step One: Begin by gathering your supplies and a clean working space. We found that the bags were the hardest item to find. Given the height of the assembled smore you need a bags that will expand or big boxes. When selecting your Hershey’s bar feel through the wrapper at the number of sections. Those that have three will leave you with a leftover chunk. For your tags you can create your own either by hand or on the computer, print our right here, or go to your graphic designer and have them made to coordinate with your other wedding printables.


Step Two/Three: In preparation of breaking the chocolate bar we recommend scoring the bar with knife first. This created a perfect clean break every time.

Step Four: Break your chocolate bar by placing your thumbs on each side of the break point and apply pressure.

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Step Five: Break your graham crackers in half

Step Six/Seven: Stack your chocolate bar and marshmallows.

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Step Eight: Put the stacked smore in the bag, it works best to open the bag first with both hands.

Step Nine: Cut and tie your ribbon around the bag with a simple knot. This will cinch the bag closed and make it easier to tie it tight before applying the tag.

Step Ten: Punch a hole in your tags and tie them to the bag. For your tags you are welcome to download and use ours or go to your graphic designer to create one to match the rest of your wedding elements.

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Last Enjoy. These will heat up in the microwave or on the open fire.