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South Dakota Wedding Makeup Application Hand vs. Airbrush

It seems lately there has been so much conversation on which makeup application method to choose.  What are the differences, pros and cons, which one is right for me? Technology is constantly changing even in the makeup world.  With all the new advances it can be confusing and frustrating to decide on the best choice for foundation needs. Consulting with your makeup artist is the beginning step in deciding what will work best for you. Taking into account your skin type, event, desired look, etc.

Airbrushing has been around for a long time.  Various professions and people have used this technique in car painting, hobby painting, and special effect makeup applications. Due to the advances in Hi Definition digital television (HD) and more skin detail, air brushing has gotten more attention. Airbrushing was selected as one method to help achieve a flawless finish. Advances in makeup foundations have also improved and paired with the “stippling” effect of the sprayed foundation many imperfections can be masked.  In turn giving you a beautiful “flawless” finish.  Some of the airbrushing foundations contain silicon to increase longevity through water and even tears. This can be great for the wedding day or long event that you may have. The airbrush application may also be quicker and appropriate for when the bridal party would like professional makeup as well.  The cons to the airbrush application is that it may be applied too thick, make the face seem mask-like, it can “slide” off if it isn’t prepped correctly and may cost more.  Some can be rubbed off just like regular foundation.  It can be messy and you may also breathe in the diffused particles of foundation.

Hand applied application has been the choice method since the beginnings of makeup usage.  Your makeup artist may use a sponge, fingers, brush, etc. to apply the foundation to the skin. The advances in foundation have allowed for hand applied makeup to also work for HD events as well. A trained makeup artist is able to use a variety of techniques including sponges which recreate a “stippled” look as well as allowing the natural skin tone to show through. Hand applied foundations have been created to stay on as long as 15 hours, be water resistant and feather light on the skin.  The cosmetic companies are also designing them to be camera ready and to diffuse fine lines and wrinkles. The pigment percentage located within the foundations have increased to allow a very, very thin application of the foundation, but still giving you that flawless coverage that you may be looking for.  The hand application also allows for changes prior to the final set powder as well as throughout the day. Cons to the hand application are possible slower application time due to by hand, not cover as well, show streaks in the foundation, or not last as long.

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These are just some of the differences in the Airbrush vs Hand Application.  Again it all depends on the expertise of your makeup artist, the makeup product your using and your particular event and look that you need.  Whichever you choose, both give you a wonderful sense of pampering, relaxation and allow that natural beauty to shine through.

This article is contributed by Angelique Verver, to learn more about Angelique please visit our contributors page.