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DIY Insanity

SD Wedding DIY Madness

Do you DIY? Is your tool of choice a glue-gun? When someone says the word “crafts” do you light up like a Christmas tree? We know you are out there – you lovers of all DIY’s…but when it comes to your own wedding can you find yourself on a high-dose of DIY insanity?

We think the answer to that last question is YES! You can DIY yourself into insanity and into a big mess for that matter. Planning your wedding is a big undertaking, even if your focus is small and simple. There are lots of things to do, organize, and keep track of. The last thing you want to be doing on the night before the big nuptials is sitting up until 3:00AM gluing on rhinestones to favor boxes or even worse, still sewing flower girl dresses.

Take it from another DIY lover, do DIY a few things for your wedding but don’t take on more than you can handle. Getting married is about, well, getting married…not about how many craft projects you can complete! There are professionals out there that can do so many things for you at a reasonable price. Even better, if you have handy family members or friends who are willing to contribute, “outsource” a few DIY’s. Not only do others get to share in your craft excitement, but also how wonderful would it be to have something hand-made by someone special at your wedding.

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Happy Planning!
Tina Beal