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DIY Terrarium

Bring some green into your SD Wedding with these DIY Terrariums.  They add a touch of nature and the best part is you get to keep them afterwards.

You will need:
A Glass Jar with Lid
Small Gravel
Half and Half Soil Mix
Cover Sand or Soil
Plants (different varieties listed below)

DIY Terrarium
1. Add 1″ of Charcoal to the bottom.
2. Add 1/2″ Layer of Small Gravel.
3. Add a 1/2″ Layer of Soil Mix.
DIY Terrarium
4. Add a layer of Cover Sand or Soil
5. Add Moss
6. Insert chosen plants

Make sure you leave about 3″ of room at the top of the Terrarium Bowl.

DIY Terrarium
DIY Terrarium