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DIY Succulent Escorts

For a different “green” take on the traditional escort cards, considering a DIY succulent escort.  These unique escorts also double as a favor for all of your guests.

Wooden or Plastic Plant Labels
Various Succulents
Peat Pots
Planting Soil
Permanent Marker
Name Labels

Sioux Falls SD Wedding Flower

1.  Organize all supplies
2.  Label wooden sticks appropriately or adhere name labels to sticks
3.  Separate Layout the empty peat pots
4-5. Remove succulents from original pots by squeezing on the sides to loosen the roots and dirt

Sioux Falls SD Wedding Flower

6. Remove excess dirt and separate plants that have multiples in one pot so they can be planted individually
7. Place fresh dirt in bottom of new pot
8-9. Transfer to new pot and fill with dirt around edges of plant
10. Place escort labels into each pot

Sioux Falls SD Wedding Flower

Last but not least, place your fresh succulent escorts near where your guests will arrive. This DIY is such a simple fun way to show your guests that you went the extra mile to let them know how much you appreciate them sharing in your special day.