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Mercury Glass DIY

Elegant, rustic, or bright and playful – regardless of your South Dakota wedding’s style, mercury glass is hugely popular right now and so beautiful to incorporate into your décor. To create your own you’ll need:

  • Krylon Looking Glass spray paint – Hobby Lobby or Michael’s
  • Glass vases, jars, or bowls of your choosing – mine were $1 or less each at Goodwill
  • Spray bottle with 1 part water, 1 part vinegar
  • Paper towels

Sioux Falls SD Wedding
Sioux Falls SD Wedding

      1. Following the instructions on the looking glass can, lightly spray the inside of your glass
      2. Allow to dry – this will take just a couple minutes.
      3. Then, using your water and vinegar mix, lightly spray on the painted glass and let it soak for a minute or two. You’ll notice small beading where the vinegar will start eating away at the paint.
      4. Using your paper towel, gently rub away at small areas of the paint until you’ve achieved the look you desire.

Did you finish your glass and decide you want a more dramatic look? Add more paint and start the process over again!

Sioux Falls SD Wedding
Sioux Falls SD Wedding

There you have it-your very own DIY mercury glass. Will you use mercury glass in your beautiful South Dakota wedding? Tell us how!

This post was written by Shanna Alverson, to learn more about our authors visit our CONTRIBUTORS.