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Ombre Table Runner DIY

We’re loving the look of long harvest tables with full length runners this season. Mixed with the ever-popular ombre, we’ve got an easy tutorial for you to add a touch of gorgeous color to your table.

You’ll need:

·         One or two packages of wooden shims (there are 42 shims/package & one package makes a 50” runner)

·         ½ yard felt (Hobby Lobby, Joann Fabrics)

·         3-7 paint colors. I used Benjamin Moore samples and created my own color progression)

·         Foam brush

·         A sheet of sandpaper

·         Rotary cutter

(shims, paint, and brushes can be found at Ace Hardware, Lowes, Home Depot, Menards, or Walmart)

Sioux Falls SD Wedding

You’ll want to first decide how long you want your runner to be. I used one package of shims for a 50” runner. Before beginning, I lightly sanded off any overly rough edges.

Using a rotary cutter, cut your felt into a 50×10” strip. If you plan to make your runner a different size you’ll want to cut your felt accordingly to stretch the entire length. This is the backing, which holds all the shims together, as well as protects your table!

One by one, hot glue each shim to the felt. You’ll notice the shims are thick on one end and thin on the other. When gluing, make sure you alternate the shims. This will ensure your centerpieces sit evenly!

Sioux Falls SD Wedding

Next, the painting! I picked 7 colors, ranging from a light taupe to a dark mocha. It isn’t a perfect ombre, and yours doesn’t need to be either! Starting with the lightest color, I painted 6 shims. I like the look of the blended paint, which also helped better create the ombre, so I used the same brush for each color, without washing in between.

That’s it! You can create just one for your head table or many for each dinner table at your reception! It’s up to you! Either way, easy-to-do details such as this help make your South Dakota wedding a personalized and unforgettable day!

Sioux Falls SD Wedding