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You should select South Dakota Wedding Style members for piece of mind.

The wedding industry is a volatile market. Unfortunately businesses are opening and closing on a very regular basis. The illusion of experience and professionalism is easy to create through inexpensive websites, blogs and facebook pages. Couples need to be careful with the fiscal and emotional investment of a wedding. They need to select vendors that are legally established and can be trusted to deliver. While there is no assurance that SD Wedding Style or any entity can give you, securing that your vendor will be around a week or even a year from now, you can get a little piece of mind.

All SDWS vendors are required to have been in business for a minimum of three full years and have serviced a minimum of one hundred weddings. While this does not establish a lot of experience, it does at least set a beginning standard that you will not find in any other area website or publication. Each of our members must also hold a valid SD Tax ID and have a web presence. Last all of our members must sign a simple code of conduct to be listed. We hope that these standards will help to push the area vendors to take the wedding industry and in particular your wedding seriously.

Because style and quality can be subjective we do not set these requirements. These requirements are for the you to establish. Be sure to select vendors that fit your style rather than selecting vendors and trying to mold them to your style. Review multiple examples of a vendors work and see a full range of their capabilities.

We do our best to list only reputable businesses but are unable to police our vendors every action. For added assurance about your vendors you can ask to see proof of insurance, a physical address, two forms of communication and other vendor referrals. Remaining in contact with your vendors through out the process will help you to know that they are still around. Don’t wait until the week before your wedding to be in contact. Contact can be in the form of following them on facebook, twitter, their blog, e-mail or even phone. And ALWAYS get an Agreement signed by both you and your vendor to establish services to be rendered, timelines and expectations for delivery, payment schedule, satisfaction guarantee, securement of your date, and anything else that you need included.

May you have an enjoyable experience planning your wedding and also on your wedding day!

South Dakota Wedding Style cannot be held responsible for the actions of it’s listed vendors.